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Many Native American nations have traditionally burned certain herbs for ceremonial cleansing purposes.

The art of burning fragrant herbs is practised around the globe either in ceremony

or purely for fragrancing and clearing the air (smoke cleansing).

Smudging herbs once lit will burn slowly releasing a fragrant smoke that can be used to cleanse meditation spaces, holistic therapy rooms or your general dwelling space and are often used as part of Feng Shui.

Smudging may be used to bless a new home or workspace, to remove old stale energy and welcome in fresh new vibes. And you can most definitely use smudging herbs to cleanse yourself and others which is a great way to start group work.


Each smudging herb has its own property which brings in a different energy. The most popular herbs for smudging are white sage, cedar, sweetgrass and palo santo…there are many others, including fragrant resins.

Some burn well on their own while others, especially the resins, may need to be placed on a lighted charcoal disc

in order to burn thoroughly.

Please visit our "What is Smudging?....answering a few FAQs" page for more in-depth information on using smudge sticks and smudging herbs

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