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A smudging feather is one of the traditional elements of a smudging ceremony and is used to increase the fragrant smoke and direct it around the body, the area or the items you desire to be cleansed.

Using a smudging feather introduces the element of Air, one of the four directions, to the smudging process or ceremony.

In Native American tradition an eagle feather would be the most prized smudging feather and it is believed that birds,

especially the eagle, carry our prayers to the Creator.

Sacred Eagle Import’s smudging feathers are created using only domesticated bird feathers mostly turkey or goose.

The turkey has always been an important food source so their feathers are regularly used in Native American attire and

smudging ceremonies.

Visit our "What is Smudging? answering a few FAQS" for comprehensive smudging instructions.

We have an extensive range of hand-crafted smudging feathers for you to view,

some of which come as part of a set along with smudging materials….

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