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The Ojibwa Dream Catcher Legend

A grandmother and her grandson were watching a spider spin its web next to their sleeping place. 

The child reached out to squash the spider but the elderly lady stopped him, telling him he should not hurt spiders

because they symbolised comfort and protection. As a reward for her kindness the spider told her:

“I will spin a web that hangs between you and the moon that will trap all bad dreams and protect you from them.

This dream catcher’s web will trap bad dreams and dark spirits,

and allow the good dreams to slip through the hole in the centre to the sleeper below"

A small dream catcher would be hung on a child’s cradle board

and often there would be one hung above the family sleeping area. 

Each part of a Native American dream catcher has a symbolic meaning:

* The Hoop of the dream catcher traditionally in the shape of teardrop

is now more usually circular and represents the Sacred Circle of Life

* The Web of the dream catcher represents the spider’s web and is to catch bad dreams.

* The Feathers of the dream catcher are the path the good dreams follow to reach the sleeper

* Beads or Gem Stones in the web of the dreamcatcher - 

a single bead represents the spider; several beads represent the trapped dreams.

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