We are committed to recycling as much of our

office and household waste as possible. 

We re-use paper for notes, and recycle or compost any paper that cannot be reused.








On a personal level we clean our home and office-space with white vinegar

and bicarbonate of soda, buy mostly natural skincare products and

use no chemicals in our wildlife-friendly garden.

We pick litter up when we're out walking, eschew single use plastics wherever possible and buy

from charity & 'pre-loved' shops/selling sites when we can find what we need there.

It is our belief that we can all do something to be the change we want to see in the world and we will continue to make appropriate changes to our business and lifestyle wherever possible.

Jon and Rachel


We have 'green' bubble wrap that is recyclable and compostable

and we also re-use the old fashioned stuff if we receive it.

The majority of our smudge sticks are now packaged in fully recyclable brown paper.

We are gradually making the change over to using

brown paper bags for our smudging herbs.

Our card inserts are made using100% recycled card and we have swapped fragile stickers for the more eco-friendly fragile stamp.

We re-use packaging, boxes, bubble wrap etc for shipping out your orders and often use newspaper for padding out larger orders.

          We use 'Jiffy Green' padded envelopes which have

          a  100% recycled paper fibre lining and are fully

          recyclable,  biodegradable, and compostable!!

          Our printer paper is 'Xerox Recycled Copier/Laser Paper'.

eco-packaged-smudge-stick (2)_edited.jpg