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Hi there, thank you for visiting our Sacred Eagle Imports website …

it's lovely to see you here. We hope you enjoy browsing!


We are a UK business importing Native American goods since1997


As a company we offer great customer service and high quality Native American products.

Primarily we source the items we sell from companies owned by (or who buy from)

members of the Native American community and individual artists so that we are supporting

the people to whom the crafts and smudging ceremony traditionally belong.

Some of them we have traded with since the very beginning, over 20 years now.






When we began trading in 1997 we travelled several times to New Mexico 

to source products made locally by Navajo and Zuni artists.

Whilst there we visited Native American trade fairs and

established contacts in West Virginia, California and Canada.

Some of whom we still trade with today.






At that time we focused mainly on wonderful Native American artefacts

such as dream catchers, medicine wheels and shields, pipes,

rattles, medicine bags etc. and Jon travelled the whole of the 

UK in a car filled with bags of stock - calling on shops

and therapy centres from Cornwall to Scotland!

We had an amazing range of wonderful customers buying regularly from us.


After several years we moved the focus of the business into selling  beautiful Native American jewellery....wristbands, rings, chokers, necklaces.

Especially the world renowned Navajo silver & turquoise jewellery 

and exquisite Zuni inlay work.





We then changed direction again, moving with the times,

and carried a wide range of Native American smudge sticks, smudging herbs, smudging resins and smudging feathers. Times have dictated that we return to stocking more of our

original products, especially dream catchers and Zuni fetish animal carvings.

With the retail trade taking such a big hit over the last few years so many of the

lovely small businesses we originally supplied had to close their doors.

So Jon doesn't travel anymore, our business is 

much smaller and concentrates on retailing online.

Times are changing yet again and so who knows where we might go next!


All our Ojibway products are authentic Native American items purchased from a

family owned business in Canada.

The Monague family is a member of the Beausoleil First Nations of Ontario (Ojibway).​


We purchase most of our Navajo products from a long established company

who were among the original founding members of the

'Indian Arts & Crafts Association'

An organisation which ensured all their members had genuine tribal connections.

(sadly the association was dis-banded in 2018.)

​To learn more about us please also visit our 'Being Green' page.

wild sage growing in the mountains
assorted navajo artefacts.
leland boone bear
Front page of the  original Sacred Eagle  catalogue from 1997!

Front page of the

original Sacred Eagle

catalogue from 1997

Front page of the  original Sacred Eagle  catalogue from 1997 - rear view
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