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Native American rattles, also known as shakers, play an important part in traditional tribal dance and in ceremony.

Native American rattles are symbolically made using hide and feathers from the animal kingdom,

wood and stones from the plant/earth kingdom

and are hand painted with traditional symbols from tribal lore or mythology to give them added power.

Rattles are used to hold the rhythm during dance, raise the energy and carry prayers and are often accompanied by a beaten drum.

Native American rattles are also used in shamanic work to call upon the sprits from other realms for help and guidance.

The sustained use of a rattle can create trance-like states in the user and listeners.

Use a rattle personally when you wish to create a sacred space, raise the energy before spiritual work or

to clear your mind before entering a meditative state.

Or use our rattles purely as an percussion instrument to accompany a musical performance.

The rattles listed below are created by Navajo artists in the traditional way from cured animal hide attached to a wooden staff.

The rawhide is filled with pebbles and/or sand and sewn tightly shut.

Each instrument comes with a tag showing which Navajo artist it was hand crafted by.

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