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Californian White Sage (Salvia apiana) Leaves and Leaf Clusters - the most popular and well known of all smudging herbs. It has a unique, pungent fragrance.

In Native American tradition this is one of the sacred smudging herbs and is used as smudge for cleansing and purification.

Burn white sage if you need to raise the energetic vibration of your home or workplace - after conflict or illness or if a general freshen up is required.

The sacred smoke may be used to cleanse objects…especially crystals, shamanic tools, oracle or tarot cards etc. Also to cleanse yourself or other people, in ceremony.

Grown in the USA.

Our suppliers tell us it is sustainably and ethically harvested by members of the Native American community with whom they have traded for 30 years.

They have permits to harvest sage growing on land near to San Diego.

They pick the Sage in a traditional and sacred manner, using blessings and leaving gifts for Mother Earth.

Comes in a resealable plastic bag.

(Please be aware that the leaves may become crushed in the post but can still be burned.)


See our 'What is Smudging' page for full instructions on how to use your smudging herb.

Ethically Sourced Californian White Sage Leaves Smudging Herb 14g or 42g