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'Soaring Eagle' 4" Beaded Dreamcatcher

All Soaring Eagle dreamcatchers are handcrafted using quality materials such as genuine glass, ceramic and metal beads, real leathers,  semi-precious stones and a variety of feathers such as pheasant, maribou, turkey, etc. 

These dream catchers are adorned with tiny seed beads on the web and are decorated with gorgeous colourful feathers.


Measures approx: 

10cm diameter by 35cm  drop (4" x 14")

(The drop excludes the deerskin hanger).


Comes  wrapped in our signature pale blue tissue paper and with an information card about the artist.


The Ojibwa Dream Catcher Legend

An Ojibwa grandmother and her grandson were watching a spider spin its web next to their sleeping place. 

The child reached out to squash the spider but the elderly lady stopped him, telling him he should not hurt spiders.

As a reward for her kindness the spider told her

“I will spin a web that hangs between you and the moon that will trap all bad dreams and protect you from them”


The dream catcher’s web will trap bad dreams or dark spirits, and allow the good dreams to slip through the small hole in the centre to the sleeper below.

A small dream catcher would be hung on a child’s cradle board

and often there would be one hung in an Ojibwa lodge above the family sl