Pack of 3 Assorted Smudge Sticks

*White Sage to cleanse and purify. 

*Dragon's Blood Sage (white Sage dipped in plant resin) to cleanse and purify more intensly.

*Blue Sage burned  to cleanse, bring spiritual strength and attract abundance.

Each stick measures approx 11cm (4"+) and weighs approx 30g

Grown in the USA.

Our suppliers tell us it is ethically and sustainably harvested.

Comes in a re-sealable plastic bag  unless you prefer to have unpackaged smudge sticks. Please let us know when you order.

See our 'What is Smudging' page for full instructions on how to use your smudge stick.

Studies have shown that smudging with fragrant herbs will clear a room of airborne pathogens.


Pack of 3 Assorted Smudge Sticks