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Navajo Spirit Wheel


This is a beautiful combination of Medicine Wheel and Dreamcatcher.

It is crafted with an deliberate antiqued look and is hand crafted by Navajo Artist Nathan Boyd from Newcomb, New Mexico.


It is wrapped with leather and decorated with feathers, glass, bone and metal beads. The centrepiece is a slice of antler, hand-painted with a traditional design.


A dream catcher is hung above the sleeping area to catch bad dreams in the web.


A medicine wheel is a circle divided by a cross representing the circle of life and the four directions - north, east, south, and west and can be a very personalised item. 

It would be placed in front of a tepee, and decorated with specific symbols, colours, and stones, telling the story of the people living there.

It was a reflection of an individual's strengths and weaknesses, and it gave guidelines to follow for personal growth.  


Each person has their place somewhere within the circle, depending upon the date they were born.

This is determined by a combination of the moon cycle they were born under, their power animal,

corresponding healing plants, colours and a mineral/gemstone.


If desired you could personalise this piece with your own symbols.


Measures  approx 10cm (diameter) and 28cm long (excluding the plaited rawhide hanger).


Comes to you wrapped in our signature pale blue tissue paper.


All our Navajo products are authentic  items purchased from a company trading locally on

Navajo Nation land in New Mexico.

Navajo Turquoise 4" Spirit Wheel - Dream ca