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Navajo Mini Rawhide Rattle.

Hand-crafted and hand-painted by a named Navajo artist who is shown on the tag.

Each one is unique so decoration details may vary.

The rattle handle is decorated with hand painted design, a metal bead and metal wrapped horse hair.

These rattles are  very well made with the head firmly attached to the handle and they have a good sound. Each one has a slighlty different sound but the video will give you an idea of how they sound.

Use as a percussion instrument or for ceremonial purposes

Measures approx 19cm excluding the plaited rawhide hanger.

The head is approx 4.5cm in diameter.


All our Navajo products are authentic items purchased from a local business trading on Navajo Nationland in New Mexico.


Navajo Mini Rawhide Rattle Assorted Designs (19cm)

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