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Navajo 6"Dream Wheel

Dream catcher with inner medicine wheel

In Native American tradition, the dream catcher's web catches any bad dreams

and holds them until daylight when they perish with the rising sun.

The dream catcher's centre hole allows any good dreams to pass through to the sleeper, especially children.

Originating from the Canadian Ojibwa nation legend.

Hand-crafted by Rikki Harrison the Navajo artist who is shown on the accompanying tag.

They are beautifully and simply made using natural materials.

The hoop is deerskin wrapped with a rawhide web and is decorated with white fluffy feathers, bone & metal and plastic beads.


This dream wheel measures approx. 15cm by 33cm 6" x 13" The length excludes the leather hanger.

Comes to you wrapped in our signature pale blue tissue paper.


All our Navajo products are authentic items purchased from a business trading locally on Navajo Nation land in New Mexico.

Native American Navajo 6" Dream Wheel.