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Hand-crafted smudging feather by UK artist 'Standing Bear'.
Turkey feather with leather wrapped handle and glass beads. 

It is traditional to use a feather to increase and direct the smoke from the burning herbs or smudge stick used during a smudging ceremony and using one brings the element of 'Air' into the ceremony.

Traditionally an Eagle feather would have been the most prized smudging feather but it is now illegal to be in possession of Eagle feathers unless you have express permission. 

This smudging feather is uniquely designed in a Native American style by UK artist 'Standing Bear'.

Each one measures aproxx 12" (30cm) including the handle


See our 'What is Smudging?'  page for a comprehensive guide on how to use smudging to cleanse and purify yourself and others, your home/workplace or objects such as crystals and other items special  to you.

12" Smudging Feather by UK Artist 'Standing Bear'