The Joy of Colour

Updated: Apr 21

February has begun with cold and snowy weather for us here in the North East of England.......brrrr......but I do feel this brings us an enormous opportunity for gratitude.

pattern in an icy puddle

The delight of chilly, bracing walks in the crisp fresh air; the joy of patterns in an icy puddle; the sweet sight of brave little snowdrops; the simple pleasure of a hot cup of tea; a cosy dressing gown, thick, fluffy socks and a soft fleecy blanket.

garden snowdrops

And of course because of these unusual times - there is the relief of not having to drive anywhere!

No need to de-ice the car, brave the treacherous roads, or anxiously watch loved ones setting out on a potentially perilous journey. That truly is a blessing!

One of the greatest 'simple' winter pleasures in my life, now that I am a 'woman of a certain age', is the daily choosing of which dressy scarf to wear. I didn't see it crept up on me. However now it's happened I find a real delight having an array of colourful scarves to choose from.

colourful scarves

Of course the benefits of this particular piece of clothing are extra layer of warmth; disguising the middle aged bulge (well just a little bit!!), the addition of colour to an outfit.

And that is the especial joy for me....the thrill of a splash of co-ordinating colour.

So making my choice creates a joyful moment in any day......and even more so on a cold, wintery, snow-bound day.

Gratitude is a powerful and uplifting thing. Remembering to give thanks and to be grateful for even the smallest things lifts our mood and our vibration....something that is really being called for right now.

Not only that our gratitude gifts the planet with a wonderful positivity that is much needed at the moment.

So what delights you...lights you up....lifts your spirits and brightens your day? Take a little moment to offer thanks for having that thing in your life and be lifted even higher!

With grateful thanks for all life's blessings......

ah hee

(Navajo for thank you)