Oh’s too small!!!

Updated: Apr 21

My son’s lovely partner asked me to paint an African sunset scene for her newly decorated front room. I was thrilled to be asked and set about browsing images for inspiration.

It transpired she enjoys a giraffe so that's what I chose.

A giraffe silhouetted on a vivid red background to contrast with the green and white wallpaper it would be hung against.

Being very excited I quickly finished the piece and was really pleased with the result.

It was left to thoroughly dry out…acrylic paint is similar to household gloss-it dries to the touch on the surface but remains damp underneath for some time.

The wait seemed interminable until I was finally able to varnish it.

When it was done it was with great joy that I called my son to let him know it was ready to be collected and I could hardly contain myself waiting for them to call round.

His partner’s joy and delight on seeing the painting was obvious…she loved it….. and I loved her reaction….it was a joyful, special and a rewarding moment.


As I’d requested I was sent photos of the painting in-situ on the chimney breast wall ……

and to my absolute and utter horror it was FAR too small!!!

Despite it being A3 and the biggest thing I’d ever painted it was absolutely NOT the

right size for the space….and quite frankly looked really daft.

In my over-enthusiasm to begin the project I’d relied entirely on guesstimates, via my son, rather than making real and purposeful enquiries about what was actually required.

That led me to think - how often any of us do this in our lives?

We rush ahead with plans, and into situations, without taking stock of what is really needed. We voice an idea or opinion without giving some thought to how it might be received.

We go bumbling in without acknowledging our awareness that this might not be quite the right thing?

Or maybe that’s only me lol!!

African sunset acrylic on canvas

Anyway I have now re-painted the same image on a MAHOOSIVE canvas and I’m just as pleased with it as I was with the first one.

Just as I‘m really pleased with my recognition that sometimes…….ok……most times…..a better outcome is achieved by not just rushing in!!!

So here I go treading softly and slowly, and with greater awareness, into the future……lets see how that goes lol!!

Have a great day